Music and Psychology/Music Therapy

The aim of music psychology is to explain and understand musical behavior and experience. It is a field of research with practical relevance for many areas, including music performance, composition, education, criticism, and therapy, as well as investigations of human aptitude, skill, intelligence, creativity, and social behavior.

Albert Einstein had a lifelong love of music especially the classical genre, and he stated that life without playing music would be inconceivable to him. He even attributed much of his scientific intuition to music that “whenever he felt that he had come to the end of the road or into a difficult situation in his work, he would take refuge in music, and that would usually resolve all his difficulties.” Something in the music “would guide his thoughts in new and creative directions.” Further, it has been said that Einstein considered Mozart’s music to reveal a universal harmony that Einstein believed existed in the universe, “as if the great Wolfgang Amadeus did not ‘create’ his beautifully clear music at all, but simply discovered it already made.

Music therapy is a therapeutic tool that has been shown as an effective treatment for various ailments. It is an interpersonal process in which a trained therapist uses music and all of its facets—physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual—to help clients improve or maintain their health. Music therapy is used with individuals of all ages and with a variety of conditions, including psychiatric disorders, medical problems, physical disabilities, sensory impairments, developmental disabilities, substance abuse issues, communication disorders, interpersonal problems, and aging. It is very useful to help drug users who are attempting to break a drug habit. It is also used to improve learning, build self-esteem, reduce stress, support physical exercise, and facilitate a host of other health-related activities. Some of the techniques involve eliciting emotions by listening to music, composing music or lyrics and performing music.

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